Michael Cole

Monday Comes Very Quickly, photographing the unseeable

Monday Comes Very Quickly, photographing the unseeable

Monday Comes Very Quickly

‘ The space between the football and Holymoor Tower.’ – taken in the grounds of Reaside Clinic, the ironic aspect of this image is that service users seldom go into this space, its a kind of ‘no mans land’ between the buildings of the unit that are unseen and the community of ordinary people that live as neighbours within this community. The football in the image is the link with that community probably kicked over the fence by children.

Service user Robert Doyle, entitled ‘ Yes, This is my Bedroom.’ – providing an intimate view of a service users bedroom in a 10 ten bed inpatient mental health unit located within the community in Solihull. The unit is nurse run working in partnership with residents who have a weekly program which includes learning things again.

The office of Clinical Director, Jeremy Kenney-Herbert, of Reaside Clinic one of the trusts forensic units, symbolic of the style of Chancey Hare.

Potatoes and Onions – The portraits of a service user who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia, enjoys the space and tranqulity of working on the allotment. Both this mother and brother suffer from the same diagnosis.

Park Lane garden centre, runs accredited City & Guilds horticultural training courses for people experiencing mental ill health.

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Featured on BBC News in Pictures

For a four-month period during 2012, as a Photographer in Residence with the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (BSMHFT), Michael completed and published his first major photo-project, entitled ‘Monday Comes Very Quickly – photographing the un-seeable’.

“ Michael’s  Photo project has done much to further reduce the stigma and prejudices people in mental health sometimes face, the project was ground-breaking in the way it showed mental health in a way rarely seen by the wider world.”

Sue Turner, Chief Executive, BSMHFT, September 2012.

” The very fact that Michael has pulled a piece of work together on this scale is to be applauded. It is a massive undertaking and one that Michael threw himself into with a passion, spending many weeks working with the Trust.”

Phil Coomes,Picture Editor, BBC News in Pictures September 2012.